Sustainability at Little Moas

'He taonga nō te whenua, me hoki anō ki te whenua.'What is given by the land should return to the land.Maori Proverb

We're on a journey ...

... towards a fully sustainable childcare facility.

We are committed to protecting the future of our children by caring for our environment & encouraging a sustainable future.

Little Moas helps develop children’s understanding, respect for the environment, and encouraging critical thinking and discussions around sustainable practices. The things we do daily to actively participate in with our children & their whanau include:

Environmentally friendly supplies and resources for a better future and world.

Environmentally friendly.
Utilising environmentally friendly products (where possible) such as non-toxic art supplies and natural educational resources.

Use less plastic and avoid unnecessary plastic to protect our environment

Less plastic.
Minimising the use of hard and soft plastic, by actively looking for ways to avoid unnecessary plastic resources or products with plastic packaging.

We use worm farms at Little Moas Early Learning Centre Ellerslie

Worm farms.
Minimising waste through the use of composting food scraps and organic waste, feeding our worm farms and putting worm castings into our veggie & herb gardens.

Recycling materials at home and at Little Moa's to teach tamariki about our world

Re-use and recycle program.
Using recyclable materials where possible and encouraging children to re-use/recycle paper and other materials at home and at the centre.

Little Moa's believe our actions can support happy futures

Green housekeeping.
Promoting awareness of the environment through ‘green housekeeping practices’ such as healthy eating, gardening, minimising waste, reducing water and energy consumption.

Garden to table activities for sustainability at Little Moa's ELC

‘Garden to table’ activities.
For example, seed sprouting, vegetable gardens, cooking and more.

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is ‘environmental education’. Learning about our environment and how the natural systems around us function. It’s about promoting daily actions and decision making that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

In our journey, we encourage children to compost all food waste at Little Moa's, or we save it to feed our worms! In all of the kai spaces we have We Compost collection bins to collect all food scraps and organic waste. By composting organic waste, 'We Compost' turn it into a valuable resource which is used to enrich soil. Healthy soils hold carbon in a living form and play an important role in our local food production.

'We Compost' collects our compostable waste and take it to Tuakau, where they dispose of the compostable waste at a commercial facility, Envirofert. Over about 9 weeks, everything breaks down with their special composting methods! The compost is then distributed to farms in the Pukekohe and Bombay areas. Fun fact: most of the compost generated by 'We Compost' is currently being used on kiwifruit farms!

This full circle can be illustrated to our tamariki when feeding our worms. They see the organic waste go into the top level and start to see it breaking down. Eventually we gather the castings from the worm farms and are able to add this to our veggie gardens – superfood nutrients for our growing plants! When our plants are ready for harvest our tamariki help Lena to gather from the garden ready to prepare in the kitchen!

Manaaki whenua, manaaki tangata, haere whakamua

Care for the land, care for the people,
go forward - care for the future.

Maori proverb