Nutrition at Little Moa's

Nurturing little seeds into healthy young people.
Healthy wholefood for little tummies.

Our food philosophy

At Little Moas Early Leaning centre, we understand the importance of nutrition with high quality, healthy meals. We grow our own organic veggies and herbs, and we strive to serve only natural whole foods. Our foods will never contain unnecessary artificial preservatives or contain unnecessary refined-sugar ingredients.

We believe that healthy eating habits begin at a young age and that children are strongly influenced by adults and their peers! Our teachers will model good eating habits and will sit with the children during mealtimes to encourage them to eat with appropriate table manners while they interact with each other. We focus on offering meals that have been carefully considered to provide high quality, nutrient dense options while eliminating processed foods, high additives and preservatives.

Healthy nutritious food for children at Little Moa's Ealry Learning Centre

Food fit for everyone

Little Moa's provides a wholesome menu that can also be altered to cater for children with specific allergies and/or dietary requirements including vegetarian and vegan options. 

We encourage our families to participate in our ‘garden-to-table’ program and are more than happy to learn about your family’s secret food recipes and your family’s knowledge about growing organic fruits and vegetables. If your family has a traditional recipe, we would love to feature it on our menu!

Little Moa's ELC is a nut free zone – no nuts are to be brought to or consumed by children on the premises.

Little Moa's believe our actions can support happy futures

Lunch Box Day

Children in our Rata Grove Space (4yrs and over) are encouraged to participate in Lunch Box Day, one day a week. We support parents and whanau in this new journey, providing resources and support with a lunchbox tips and tricks guide to help ensure everyone is prepared for lunch boxes when our tamariki go to school.

Young Tamariki

For our youngest tamariki we are guided by parents and whanau, only introducing new foods after you have introduced them at home, following your recommendations about the desired consistency and textures of these new foods.

Birthday celebrations at Little Moa's

Birthday Treats

In helping shape our children’s attitudes towards food we celebrate birthdays in house with a delectable healthy treat for the your child on our special birthday plate.
At afternoon tea, the birthday tamariki gets to enjoy this treat, surrounded by waiata (song), blowing out the special birthday candle and receiving a small birthday gift from Little Moa's; enjoying their special day with their peers. 

Celebrating a child’s birthday helps them to develop a sense of self-worth, recognising that they are important to others and an important part of the group. Celebrations like this enable children to share something that is important to them and through this they can continue to develop important social skills and awareness of others in the group.

Lena the Chef at Little Moa's

Our Kai Creator – Chef Joy Dagdag

We have a qualified chef Joy Dagdag, who prepares delicious wholesome, refined sugar free meals in house, fresh, every day. With a Diploma in International Cookery under her belt, as well as a National Certificate in Hospitality and Food Safety Certificate, Joy is an experienced and highly skilled chef. Together with our Educational Consultants, Joy has designed a menu inspired by flavours from around the world while considering ingredients that optimise nutritional value.

Our Journey of Sustainability

In our journey, we encourage children to compost all food waste at Little Moa's, or we save it to feed our worms! In all of the kai spaces we have We Compost collection bins to collect all food scraps and organic waste. 

composting, worm farms and superfood nutrients - all by being sustainable at Little Moa's Early Learning Centre Auckland

Playtime is precious.

Play builds brain pathways for Thinking, Creativity, Flexibility, Empathy and many other life long skills.

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